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Data Engineering

proNova Data Engineering

proNova is the core product of TDE, the data-driven enabled technology founded upon the patented Automated Operations Recognition System, which allows clients to unlock the true potential of their drilling data through the unique web-based analysis and reporting service. Established in 2000, proNova features customized, drilling data analytics solutions to maximize drilling efficiency for operators and contractors.
As an international industry-leader of holistic drilling data, aggregation, processing, analysis and big data services, the proNova group is continuously utilizing its expertise to develop innovative solutions to enforce drilling into the digital age, with the proficiency to produce advanced specialized technical equipment for the oil and gas industry.

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Powerline Drillstring

Powerline Drillstring PDS Digital Drilling Technology

PDS Digital Drilling Technology is the cutting-edge hardware that will transform the drilling industry, delivering an integrated downhole drilling system for real-time decision making, drilling digitalization and automation.

This new generation of downhole tools, based on bi-directional data transmission and surface power supply, is a revolutionary technology, to gain real-time measurements directly from the bit. The PDS not only takes full advantage of high bandwidth telemetry, which is 10,000 times more than the current mud pulse system, but with the power supply from the surface, which dramatically changes operations cost of such systems. PDS eliminates the use of batteries and downhole turbines.

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Research & Development

Research & Development Think & Vision

Think & Vision is positioning itself as a creative center for electrical engineering, mechatronics and software development within the TDE Group. Our globally distributed developers are dealing with the continuous optimization and further development of existing and new products.

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Digital Production Optimisation

Digital Production Optimisation MN7.NRG

MN7.NRG provides Turnkey Project Solutions for the oil and gas industry focusing on performance optimization and continuous improvement. This is conveyed through the complete line of communication to the rig floor, which encourages the feedback up to the project management through distinct actions. It is these actions that allow us to perform Best in Class when it comes to project efficiency and quality. MN7's unique agile project management approach allows us to react quickly to any changes of circumstances and customer requirements, which leads to faster and improved well construction, allowing our clients to produce earlier with a greater final recovery and less CAPEX spending.

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